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2016 - India: Rajasthan ·
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This was a bit of a departure for me in that there was not a lot of unpopulated wilderness in India and hence I had to accept that I would be photographing people and man-made structures. I think I managed to do a fair job of expunging the people from the pictures - you may think that Rajasthan is under-populated from looking at these - but I could hardly avoid the man-made objects. Though, to be fair, there were some stunning forts and palaces and mausoleums and mosques and city complexes to be seen, so it would be extremely churlish of me to complain.

As to our route: we flew into Delhi on Christmas day, and then during the next two weeks we travelled by road visiting Agra (to visit the Taj Mahal), Ranthambore National Park (to see tigers: we didn't...), Jaipur, Pushkar, Udaipur, Jodhpur and finally ending up in Jaisalmer in the Thar Desert in NW India. From Jaisalmer we travelled by sleeper train (920km, 19hrs) back to Delhi to fly home.

Here are some wiki links in case you are interested (and haven't TL:DRed already)
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