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2007 - Greenland: Lyell Land ·
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Thankfully the demise of Arcturus Expeditions was greatly exaggerated. So there I was in January 2007 wondering where I should go on my summer holidays. Arcturus? East Greenland? Marvellous!

If Lyell Land is really named after the father of modern geology Charles Lyell, as it is purported to be, then it's a worthy name. The geology of the area was impressive and varied: granite, dolerite, super hard limestone, a conglomerate sandstone similar to Torridonian sandstone and other sandstones in various beautiful shades of red and yellow. Enough of the geology, what about the geomorphology? Exactly what you'd expect in the high Arctic in a periglacial environment.. So I wont go into it. Though I was impressed with the roche moutonnées in the limestone. And yes, Kirschdalen is really named after cherry brandy.
Nov 2007
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