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2006 - Greenland: Dove Bay ·
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Dove Bay is a large bay at around 76° north, bounded by Adolf Jensens Land and Germania Land to the south and north, and protected from the Arctic Ocean by the island of Store Koldeway. We had our first camp at Ravnedalan, and our second on a spur of the mainland over Inderbredningen. As we were the quite late in the season, early to mid August, and being quite far north in the last few days the sun actually dipped behind the horizon, and the nights got reasonably chilly.

This was supposed to be my last trip with Arcturus Expeditions, the travel company who I'd travelled with to Greenland and Kamchatka previously, as the owners were retiring. Thankfully Arcturus has been taken over by like-minded folk and it's still going strong - see the photos from my trip to Lyell Land in 2007.

The trip up to Dove Bay involved flying to Iceland, then airstrip hopping in a Twin Otter via Constable Point, Mestersvig and Paskenoesset before being dropped of at the airstrip at Ravnedalan. We spent a number of nights at Ravnedalan exploring the area, before moving to a second camp across the fjord.
Nov 2007
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