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2004 - Greenland: Krumme Langsø ·
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The trip was fabulous: amazing scenery, lots of plant and animal life, bright midnight sun, the odd mosquito - everything you'd expect of the high Arctic.

Krumme Langsø means 'long crooked lake', by the way.

The trip was organised by an excellent fab tour company called Arcturus - highly recommended if you fancy an adventurous trip to cold places. Getting to Krumme Langsø was an expedition in its own right - 5 plane journeys on successively smaller planes. Once there we our main base camp was by the air strip at Sødal (1 on map).

We spent the next few days wandering about exploring the area, either alone or in small groups. There was no itinerary, no prescribed activities - the only daily structure was breakfast at 8am, and supper at 7pm. The rest of the time you could do as you pleased. I tended to wander off on my own, or with my Dad.

After a week we moved our camp down the lake a few miles (2 on map) for a change of scenery. And after a week or so we headed back up to the Sødal camp in readiness to be flown out. (Getting back to London only took 4 planes...)

Some of the points marked on the map as follows:
  • Sødal camp - Site of the Sirius hut and airstrip. (base camp)
  • Camp 2 - Second camp down the lake
  • Waltershausen Glacier
  • Vibekes Glacier
  • Promenadedal - head of Promenadedal leading down towards the Wordie glacier
May 2005
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