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1986 - Greenland: Hurry Inlet ·
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We were there in high summer: the sun never set; the flowers were blooming; the hares were lolloping about, the fox cubs were discovering the world outside their dens; the weather was only nasty for a day or two…

All in all a fantastic introduction to the high Arctic, and a wonderful first holiday abroad.

We flew from Glasgow to Constable Point, via Iceland. Once there we got a lift over Hurry Inlet to Sodal from a man and his boat. Our first camp was at Sodal where we stayed for a couple of days. Over the next fortnight we walked round the head of Hurry back to Constable Point.

These are a few of the photos I took with my (then) new OM10. Before scanning them for this gallery I hadn't looked at the slides for about 15 years, and I binned about two thirds of them - hopefully my photographic technique has improved somewhat in the interim!
May 2005
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