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2003 - Scotland: Sutherland ·
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This was a holiday of contrasts:
  • Wild camping in a midge ridden bog to staying in a luxury huntin', shootin', fishin' lodge
  • Instant camp food cooked on a petrol burner to beautifully prepared three course dinners
  • Sweeping white sandy beaches to majestic rocky mountains
  • Stone age burial chambers to modern micro breweries
  • Huge smelly seabird colonies to fragrant orchids
We travelled north on the Caledonian Sleeper to Inverness, and hired a car. From Inverness we drove North West to Richonich where we camped for 3 nights before being driven to an official campsite in Scourie by the midges. After 4 nights in Scourie we then went to Borgie to stay in a hotel for the rest of the holiday. We clocked up just over 1,000 miles during the fortnight travelling around the North coast, before heading back to Inverness to catch the sleeper south.
May 2005
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