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Below are some links to some old stuff. I found them on a CD and thought I'd preserve them for posterity.
Vintage AA&F - 2002 ·
This is the previous iteration of this web site - last updated sometime in 2002. I liked it, but most people thought it was nasty - over-engineered apparently... Well, I had fun building it (entirely with JavaScript and DynAPI) but eventually I had to admit it was a bit grolly. And difficult to navigate to boot. Hence this new version, which someone has described as "Clean, succinct, and to the point - with just a hint of retro styling and a devil-may-care attitude towards web developments post 1995." Hmmmm...
Vintage AA&F - 1997 ·
This is the classic version of my web site. Slightly embarrassing, but I reckon it's important social document so I'm including it here. Please bear in mind this site is 8 years old.
Vintage AA&F - 1995 ·
I found this while trawling through an old archive CD - my first ever website! Written when I was supposed to be doing a PhD. More amusing than embarrassing (I hope!) I've updated all the links I can, but if you get a "page not found" error when clicking on a link please bear in mind that many sites around in 1995 no longer exist.
Remote Sensing Resources ·
Another web site I wrote whilst supposed to be doing my PhD. This is the first iteration of my Remote Sensing Resources site. It's basically a list of Remote Sensing sites and was highly regarded in its time - apparently. This site was superseded by a database driven version which, alas, is no longer available. But then advances in web search engines since 1997 have made these types of web sites redundant. Unsurprisingly I haven't checked all the links in this site - I'll be surprised if more than 50% still are active.
Viv ·
A old cartoon strip that still makes me laugh.
Anne ·
In memoriam
April 2018
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