Rashida and Bill

Rashida: Having spent the last couple of years convincing me that we were “just” good friends and his home was in London, Bill went down on his knees in December 2013 to persuade me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life and make his home with me in Harare (…or anywhere else I wander off to in the future).  He has promised to do all my tax returns and IT support for my work–an offer I simply cannot refuse.

Bill: After much procrastination (or was it prevarication?) on my part, mainly due a completely irrational and unfounded anxiety of not living with the familiar winter darkness and rain in the UK, I finally asked Rashida to marry me in the company of penguins on Boulders Beach, Cape Town in December. Thankfully she saw through, or perhaps just simply overlooked, my austere English exterior and agreed that I do indeed have at least some redeeming features (my IT support skills?) and agreed to marry me, making me the happiest man alive – though the penguins appeared oblivious of the events going on around them…

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