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Bridge Me on bridge Columnar basalt Lake Billy Rubin Little League sign Crater Lake Map Anne Crater Lake
Mt. Scott Mt. Scott Anne on Mt. Scott View from Mt. Scott Pumice desert Tree Lake Waterfall
Wooden pipe Umpqua River Waterfall Me at Banden Driftwood Anne at Banden Me on the Dunes Lawrence of Arabia
Dunes Darlingtonia Darlingtonia Tsunami Paddling Lighthouse Octopus tree Krumholtz tree
Cannon Beach Bay Astoria Column Astoria Astoria bridge Tanker Astoria Buildings Bates Motel Mt. St. Helens Crater
Mt. St. Helens Fallen logs Coldwater Lake Anne at Coldwater lake Flowers Map Marymere Falls Anne and fungi
Hotsprings Mt. Olympus Red alders Red alders Sitka burls Largest Cedar Largest Sitka Treestump
Black Beetle Hairy tree Forest Forest Forest Nurse log Nurse log Clubmoss
Ho River Pool Fallen tree Anne Phonebox Car Ice cream Teva feet
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May 2005
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Image 1: Peter Skene bridge on State Highway 97 in Oregon ;Image 2: Me on the afore mentioned historic bridge ;Image 3: Some great columnar basalt on the side of the gorge that the historic bridge crosses ;Image 4: Lake Billy Chinook A reservoir used as a water sports venue. Anne went swimming in here. I didn't (obviously!);Image 5: A sign on a Little League pitch in Bend Obviously some parents get over excited...;Image 6: Map of the Crater Lake Nat. Park We lunched at Cloud Cap, and climbed Mt. Scott.;Image 7: Anne on the Rim Drive ;Image 8: Crater Lake from Cloud Cap ;Image 9: Mt. Scott and Crater Lake, Oregon ;Image 10: Mt. Scott ;Image 11: Anne oat the summit of Mt Scott The building is an old fire watch tower.;Image 12: The view of Crater Lake from Mt Scott Wizard Island is visible in the centre of the picture.;Image 13: The pumice desert This is at the foot of the Crater Lake massif. It was formed thousands of years ago during a previous eruption...;Image 14: A white bark pine on the exposed slopes of Mt. Scott. ;Image 15: A small lake in the Umpqua river above the Clearwater falls. ;Image 16: The Clearwater falls. ;Image 17: A huge (leaky) wooden pipe at the base of the Toketee Falls ;Image 18: The upper reaches of the Umpqua river. ;Image 19: Toketee Falls in the Umpqua river Note the basalt columns!. Note the basalt columns!;Image 20: Me at the beach at Bandon with the Face Rock and Kittens Rocks in the background Legend tells of a woman drowned by an evil god, who then threw her five kittens out to sea...;Image 21: A line of driftwood on Banden beach ;Image 22: Anne in front of a huge piece of driftwood That's the one in front of that large lump of stone!;Image 23: Me in the middle of one of the largest expanses of coastal dunes systems in the world - on the Oregon coast. ;Image 24: Me as Lawrence of Arabia But he probably got better weather!;Image 25: We thought we could get to the ocean Except that we had about 8 miles to go...;Image 26: Darlingtonia californica An insectivorous plant - in it's natural habitat.;Image 27: Darlingtonia californica ;Image 28: Tsunami warnings at Lincoln City ;Image 29: Me paddling at Cape Lookout Not swimming - ever!;Image 30: Lighthouse at Cape Lookout A great whale watching site, just not in August...;Image 31: The Octopus Tree at Cape Meares A Sitka spruce that has grown in a sheltered spot on the exposed cliff top.
It grew horizontally in the sheltered hollow for a while before venturing vertically into the elements.;Image 32: A tree showing the krumholz effect at Cape Perpetua ;Image 33: Cannon Beach from Tilamook Head This was supposed to be the most spectacular view along the entire Oregon coast. Pity about the weather!;Image 34: The Astoria Column Celebrating the Lewis and Clarke's epic journey to the mouth of the Columbia River.;Image 35: The view from the top of the Astoria Column ;Image 36: The bridge over the Columbia at Astoria Supposed to break some construction record or other...;Image 37: A huge tanker One of many that wander up and down the Columbia river. Well, it is a large river...;Image 38: Some of the grand buildings in Astoria The one on the left is Flavel's House - Flavel was a rich ship captain/entrepreneur in the late 1800's who built his own grand house in the Victorian style (but with more restraint). It's now a museum.;Image 39: Astoria even had it's own Bates Motel! ;Image 40: The crater in Mt. St. Helens formed during the eruption on May 18th 1982 The new magma dome in the middle of the crater is still growing.;Image 41: Mt. St. Helens, Washington ;Image 42: Fallen logs (those wee white lines!) on the slopes opposite the crater All the logs felled during the eruption that were on accessible slopes were removed. These were left as they were unreachable.;Image 43: Coldwater Lake This lake didn't exist before the 1982 eruption. It was formed by ash and logs damming the valley. ;Image 44: Anne at Coldwater lake ;Image 45: Flowers on the slopes of the old blast zone The area hasn't been re-forested as it has been designated a National Volcanic Monument.;Image 46: Map of the Olympic National Park ;Image 47: Marymere Falls ;Image 48: Anne and a large bracket fungi Left to right - obviously;Image 49: Anne dipping her foot into the (extremely smelly) hot springs at Olympic Springs. ;Image 50: Mt. Olympus A bit hazy I'm afraid - so we didn't see Zeus or any of his entourage;Image 51: Some red alders The silver appearance of the bark is due to a covering of lichen known locally as Fairy Barf.;Image 52: Some more red alders ;Image 53: Large burls on some coastal Sitka spruces Caused by a virus and proximity to the sea apparently.;Image 54: The largest red cedar in the world! And the only photo me and Anne together ;Image 55: The largest Sitka spruce in the world Over 200 feet high.;Image 56: Anne in front of a mutant tree stump ;Image 57: A black beetle gratefully scoffing a lump of avocado we dropped Even it's contingent of mites (those brown blobs on its head) came down for a feed.;Image 58: A hairy tree above a babbling brook ;Image 59: The temperate rainforest ;Image 60: The temperate rainforest ;Image 61: The temperate rainforest ;Image 62: A nurse log A tree falls and as it decays it provides a nursery for growing seedlings. As these seedlings mature they span the decaying log, and when the log eventually rots away a line of trees with buttress effect roots is left. This picture shows the line of mature trees.(Inset: a close up of the decaying nurse log);Image 63: A new nurse log A spruce seedlings growing in the moss on the log.;Image 64: A close up of the club moss that carpets everything ;Image 65: The Ho River ;Image 66: A tranquil pool in the Ho Valley ;Image 67: A fallen cedar 90 foot long With Anne and me at either end...;Image 68: Lunchtime Fresh rolls and toms, with watercress, mayo and chilli pepper cheese - with fresh strawbs for after. We were certainly roughing it!;Image 69: Mossy phone box ;Image 70: Our car - a Mitsubishi Eclipse Looks very sporty - handled like a heavily pregnant dog.;Image 71: Great ice cream - and service! :) ;Image 72: I've always wanted Teva feet!