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2016 - Pakistan: Nanga Parbat, Western Himalaya ·
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Shyok river Apricots Shyok Delta Contrasts Satpara valley Sadpara Lake
Sadpara valley Sadpara valley Deosai Plains Orchid Marmot Meadow Mazino Base Camp
Nanga Parbat Mazino Base Camp Rupal valley Gentian Rupal valley Nanga Parbat Ice
Ice Bazhin Glacier Rashida Sedum Rock jasmine Tashain Glacier Flower
Bistort Leyla Sedums Meadow Geranium Lousewort Nanga Parbat
Saxifrage Tashing Glacier Edelweiss Rockery Guides Gentian Rupal valley
Rupal valley Gentian Rupal valley Nanga Parbat Breakfast Buddha's Feet Nanga Parbat
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November 2016
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Image 1: Shyok River, a tributary of the Indus ;Image 2: Drying apricots by the side of the road at Khaplu ;Image 3: Bridge over the Shyok River This marks the end of the road for foreigners: a few miles further on we hit the Line of Control;Image 4: A tributary of the Shyok River ;Image 5: Contrasts ;Image 6: Satpara valley ;Image 7: Sadpara Lake, above Skardu ;Image 8: Sadpara valley ;Image 9: Sadpara valley ;Image 10: Deosai Plains Looks a wee bit like Scotland, except it's the second highest plateau in the world after the Thang Plateau in Tibet with an average elevation of 4,114m (13,497ft);Image 11: An orchid on the Deosai Plains The Deosai Plains are famous for its flora, and we were lucky enough to be there during the brief flowering season;Image 12: A marmot on the Deosai Plains The critically endangered Himalayan brown bear lives on the Deosai Plains, but unfortunately we didn't see one - just this, its prey;Image 13: Alpine meadow on the Rupal Valley road Up from Tarishing, the start of the trek to Nanga Parbat Base Camp, you pass through the Rupal valley;Image 14: Mazino Base Camp This is the same Base Camp from where Herman Buhl set off on the first successful ascent of the Naga Parbat in 1953. ;Image 15: First glimpse of the Nanga Parbat massif ;Image 16: Mazino Base Camp with Nanga Parbat That is the summit at 8,126m. And the camp is around 3,500m - that's about 4,500m straight up...;Image 17: Rupal valley ;Image 18: A gentian We were trekking during the brief alpine flowering season - the variety of flowers was amazing;Image 19: Rupal valley ;Image 20: The midday sun striking the summit of Nanga Parbat ;Image 21: Ice: Tashain Glacier ;Image 22: Ice: Tashain Glacier ;Image 23: Bazhin Glacier ;Image 24: Rashida crossing the Bazhin Glacier ;Image 25: A sedum Lots more pictures of flowers coming up…;Image 26: Rock jasmine ;Image 27: Tashain Glacier ;Image 28: Alpine flower ;Image 29: Himalayan bistort and sunflower ;Image 30: Leyla ;Image 31: Two sedums ;Image 32: High alpine meadow, above the Tashain Glacier ;Image 33: Himalayan cranesbill ;Image 34: A lousewort ;Image 35: Nanga Parbat ;Image 36: A saxifrage ;Image 37: Tashain Glacier ;Image 38: Himalayan edelweiss Yup, the same one as featured in the Sound of Music;Image 39: High altitude rockery ;Image 40: Two of our guides ;Image 41: Another gentian ;Image 42: Towards the head of the Rupal valley ;Image 43: Rupal valley ;Image 44: Gentian ;Image 45: Rupal valley ;Image 46: Nanga Parbat ;Image 47: Breakfast at Mazino Base Camp That's the Rupal Face, over 4,600m straight up to the summit;Image 48: Buddha's feet from Taxila Taxila is a UNESCO World Heritage Site about 20 miles outside Islamabad. David and I went to have a look while the rest of the party stayed in Islamabad and shopped…;Image 49: Nanga Parbat