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2014 - Pakistan: Naltar Valley, Karakorum ·
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The Indus Waterfalls Naltar Lake Wagtail Trees Naltar valley
Split boulder Naltar valley Hanging valley Naltar lake Naltar Valley Naltar Valley
Shieling Snow bank Upper Naltar Flower 2 Trees Naltar
Flower Flower 3 Naltar glacier Naltar Valley Valley head Primula
Us lot Naltar valley Yaks Birches Naltar valley Naltar valley
Naltar river Rakaposhi Rakaposhi Baltit fort Karimabad Rakaposhi
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February 2015
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Image 1: The Indus ;Image 2: Waterfalls by Naltar lake ;Image 3: Naltar Lake ;Image 4: A wagtail Most likely of the Citrine (AKA Yellow-headed) variety;Image 5: Birches ;Image 6: Naltar Valley ;Image 7: Split boulder ;Image 8: Naltar valley ;Image 9: Side valley feeding into Naltar ;Image 10: Algae in Naltar lake And no, I haven't Photoshopped this image - it really was that colour;Image 11: Naltar Valley ;Image 12: Naltar Valley ;Image 13: Shielings in the upper part of the valley ;Image 14: Walking over a snow bank ;Image 15: Looking up to the head of the valley ;Image 16: Flower Sorry, but I've no idea what this this;Image 17: High altitude juniper forest ;Image 18: Looking down the valley ;Image 19: Flower Nope, nor this one, sorry;Image 20: Flower I see I'm going to have to get a Himalayan flowers field guide before my next trip… [Later: JoaoD, star that he is, has sent me such a guide. But it's in London and I'm in Zim, so the identifications will have to wait a wee while];Image 21: The lower reaches of the moraine strewn Naltar glacier That's our camp in the bottom of the picture;Image 22: The upper reaches of the valley ;Image 23: The head of the valley ;Image 24: A primula of some description ;Image 25: People… ;Image 26: Looking down the valley ;Image 27: Yaks, or are they dzos? <a href='http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dzo' class='blockLink' style='color:white' target='_blank'><u>Dzos, dzomos and ortooms</u></a> ;Image 28: Birches ;Image 29: Naltar Valley ;Image 30: Naltar Valley ;Image 31: Naltar river ;Image 32: Rakaposhi ;Image 33: Interesting facts about Rakaposhi This just saves me transcribing them, and let's be honest, you're more likely to read it from a sign aren't you?;Image 34: Behind the Baltit Fort ;Image 35: Karimabad and Rakaposhi ;Image 36: Rakaposhi by moonlight