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2012 - Pakistan: Skardu ·
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Himalayas Shangrila Sunset Cherry trees Mountains Mountains
Mountains Cherries Indus Upper Kachura Lake Cherries and poplars Cherries
Poplars Poplars Indus Indus Shigar river Shigar river
Shigar river Shigar Fort Shigar Fort Shigar Fort Shigar Camp 1
Forest tracks Juniper Snowmen Indus Yak
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Dec 2013
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Image 1: The Himalayas from the aircraft ;Image 2: Shangrila ;Image 3: Sunset ;Image 4: Cherry blossom ;Image 5: The mountains above Shangrila ;Image 6: The mountains above Shangrila ;Image 7: The mountains above Shangrila ;Image 8: Cherries and poplars ;Image 9: The Indus valley The Karakoram are on the left (East) and the Himalaya are on the right (West);Image 10: Upper Kachura Lake ;Image 11: By the Upper Kachura Lake ;Image 12: Cherries and poplars By the Upper Kachura Lake;Image 13: New spring colours ;Image 14: Poplars ;Image 15: At the head of the Indus ;Image 16: The Indus In early spring: in high summer the entire valley floor is flooded;Image 17: The Shigar valley Looking towards the confluence of the Indus;Image 18: The Shigar valley Looking up the valley towards Shigar town;Image 19: Shigar ;Image 20: The Shigar Fort The hotel we stayed at in Shigar;Image 21: The Shigar Fort A 400 year old fort now converted into a luxury hotel;Image 22: The gardens at the Shigar Fort ;Image 23: The view from the Shigar Fort ;Image 24: The First camp on our walk into the mountains The weather was deteriorating...;Image 25: High altitude forest Stunted junipers at around 3,500m;Image 26: Leopard tracks Leopard tracks in the snow near to our second camp. We didn't see the actual animal though, unfortunately;Image 27: Juniper tree in the high altitude forest ;Image 28: Snow-people ;Image 29: The Indus ;Image 30: Yak