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Kongeborgen Berg Kirschdalen Airstrip at Kirschdalen Kongeborgen Kirschdalen gorge Primrose Clouds
Segelsällskapet Fjord Jägmästaren Ø Sunken dwelling Sunflower Traill Ø Kongeborgen Stauning Alps Staunings Alps
Jägmästaren Ø Golden saxifrage Moon over Traill Ø Camp 2 Kap Dufva Cliffs Kong Oscar Fjord Polhem Dal Jeannet Bjerg
Kap Dufva Cliffs Kongeborgen Saxifraga nathorstii Spires Ella Ø Ella Ø cliffs Traill Ø Polhem Dal
Traill Ø Cetraria nivalis Segelsällskapet Fjord Hurry Inlet Gas Elv Airstrip at Mestersvig Ripples Berg
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Nov 2007
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Image 1: Kongeborgen on Traill Ø ;Image 2: Iceberg and sky ;Image 3: Looking up Kirschdalen ;Image 4: Unloading the Twin Otter at Kirschdalen camp ;Image 5: Kongeborgen from the Kirschdalen delta ;Image 6: The Kirschdalen gorge Further down the river the gorge was so narrow you could step over it;Image 7: Primula farinosa ;Image 8: Clouds ;Image 9: Segelsällskapet Fjord ;Image 10: Jägmästaren Ø ;Image 11: A sunken dwelling at Kap Lagerberg Used as winter dwelling by the indigenous Greenlanders - who died out about 200 years ago;Image 12: Sunflower (Arnica sp.) ;Image 13: Loking south-east down Kong Oscar Fjord towards Traill Ø ;Image 14: Kongeborgen from Hammar Ø ;Image 15: Looking down Kong Oscar Fjord towards the Stauning Alps ;Image 16: Clouds over the Stauning Alps ;Image 17: Jägmästaren Ø ;Image 18: Golden saxifrage (Sax. Aziodes) ;Image 19: Moon over Traill Ø ;Image 20: Camp 2 at Kap Dufva ;Image 21: Cliffs above the camp at Kap Dufva ;Image 22: Looking north up Kong Oscar Fjord Traill Ø on the right, and Geographical Society Ø in the background;Image 23: Polhem Dal from Narhvalsund ;Image 24: Glacier coming off Jeannet Bjerg ;Image 25: Cliffs above the camp at Kap Dufva ;Image 26: Kongeborgen from Kap Dufva ;Image 27: Saxifraga nathorstii ;Image 28: Spires on cliffs at Kap Dufva with Ella Ø in the background ;Image 29: Buttress at Kap Dufva looking over to Ella Ø Okay, I admit it, I didn't have a black and white film, this is post-processed in my digital darkroom. Doesn't look too bad though, does it?;Image 30: Huge conglomerate sandstone cliffs on Ella Ø Conglomerate sandstone? Think Torridonian sandstone. The high point of these cliffs is 752m (2,467 feet). Further along the sandstone gives way to granite and the cliffs rise to a seriously impressive 1,367m. (4,484 feet);Image 31: Traill Ø ;Image 32: Polhem Dal from Narhvalsund ;Image 33: Traill Ø ;Image 34: Cetraria nivalis (for Dad...) ;Image 35: Segelsällskapet Fjord Leading to Alpfjord to the left and Forsblad Fjord to the right;Image 36: Looking south down Hurry Inlet ;Image 37: The lush greenery of Gas Elv Jameson Land by Constable Point air strip;Image 38: Airstrip at Mestersvig ;Image 39: Fossilised ripples ;Image 40: Iceberg in Kong Oscar Fjord