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2006 - Greenland: Dove Bay ·
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Bergs Store Koldewey Ravnedahlen Purple saxifrage Rechnitzers Land Bergs Buttercup Inderbredningen
Bergs Ptarmigan Rechnitzers Land Soranerbræ Boating Inderbredningen Harebell Dad
Breakfast Bergs Fox trap Cassiope Berg Fangersund Dove Bay Braefjorden
Glacier Dove Bay Rhodedendron Glacier Kap Neils Twin Otter Bergs Stones
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Nov 2007
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Image 1: Icebergs in late night sun ;Image 2: Store Koldewey from Paskenoesset ;Image 3: Ravnedahlen outflow ;Image 4: Purple saxifrage Sax oppositefolia ;Image 5: Looking west over Inderbredningen to Rechnitzers Land ;Image 6: Icebergs in Fangersund ;Image 7: Glacial buttercup ;Image 8: Across Inderbredningen to Soranerbrae ;Image 9: Bergy bits in Fangersund ;Image 10: Ptarmigan ;Image 11: Looking over Rechnitzers Land ;Image 12: Across Inderbredningen to Soranerbrae ;Image 13: Using the Zodiac to cross the fjord ;Image 14: Looking west over Inderbredningen to Ravnedalan ;Image 15: Harebell ;Image 16: Dad at Camp 2. ;Image 17: Camp life: porridge at breakfast outside the mess tent - Camp 2 ;Image 18: Icebergs in still water ;Image 19: Inuta (our Greenlander guide) demonstrating how a fox trap (lower left) works. The trap is set up within a tunnel of rocks and baited with meat. The fox enters the stone tunnel and triggers the trap by dislodging the stick which keeps the top plank resting on the upright stick. The top plank, which is weighed down with lots of stones, then falls on the unsuspecting fox and crushes it, thus not damaging its pelt. ;Image 20: Cassiope ;Image 21: Stripy berg ;Image 22: Fangersund ;Image 23: Dove Bay from Kap Neils ;Image 24: Braefjorden with Dronning Louise Land in the background ;Image 25: Glacier flowing into Braefjorden ;Image 26: Dove Bay from Kap Neils ;Image 27: Arctic rhodedendron ;Image 28: Glacier flowing into Braefjorden ;Image 29: From Kap Neils ;Image 30: The Twin Otter on the airstrip at Ravnedahlen ;Image 31: Icebergs in calm water ;Image 32: Derivative of Antony Gormley's Field Something I did to pass the time during the long daylight evenings