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Akureyri Fairchild Mesters Vig Mesters Vig mine Twin Otter Krumme Langsø Sødal valley Large wintergreen
Gentiana tenella Camp 1 Arctic fox Arctic fox Arctic poppy Pothole Melandruim apetalum Gentiana detonsa
Sødal Musk ox Diver lake Harebell Snow bunting Graven river Head of lake Dunlin
Dryas octopetla Krumme Langsø Lemming Red river Krumme Langsø Sørggen Moss campion Promenadedal
Saxifraga cernua Wordie Glacier Vibekes Glacier Waltershausen Glacier Purple saxifrage Ice cap Tufted saxifrage River gorge
Musk ox Musk ox path Mountain bistort Sundogs Yellow saxifrage Sirius hut Landing strip Constable Point
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May 2005
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Image 1: Akureyri, Iceland The small town on the north coast of Iceland from where we flew to Greenland;Image 2: Fairchild aircraft at Mesters Vig air strip ;Image 3: The group outside the departure terminal at Mesters Vig The base is being downgraded by the Danish government and is currently manned by only 2 Sirius Patrol serviceman - though one did have his mum and dad staying with him to cook and clean etc.;Image 4: A lead and zinc mine was situated a few miles inland from Mesters Vig The mine was serviced from this township between 1956 and 1962 and as it was built before 1974 when the national park was created is considered part of the parks industrial heritage, and is therefore sacrosanct. Unlike the air base, which was built after 1974 and if it was completely decommissioned would have to be entirely removed;Image 5: Loading up the Twin Otter at Mesters Vig for our final one and a half's hour flight to Krumme Langsø ;Image 6: View down the lake towards Snehvide ;Image 7: Group heading up Sødal valley ;Image 8: Large wintergreen (Pyrola grandiflora) ;Image 9: Gentiana tenella, one of two gentians in the area ;Image 10: Dad heading out from Camp 1 ;Image 11: We were visited by an Arctic fox who took great interest in our camp It particularly liked the stash of fish guts left over from our dinner. And I think it was responsible for running off with my only bar of soap - apparently soap is a great fox delicacy.;Image 12: I don't know who was more interested in whom ;Image 13: Arctic poppy (Papaver radicata) ;Image 14: A pothole in the limestone There's a tide line on the wall marking the ancient water level. ;Image 15: Melandruim apetalum ;Image 16: Gentiana detonsa, the other gentian in the area ;Image 17: View of Sødal looking down toward the lake ;Image 18: A bull musk ox ;Image 19: There were a pair of (shy) Great Northern Divers on this lake, which we passed on our way to Vibekes So ;Image 20: Harebell Campanula giesekiana ;Image 21: A snow bunting ;Image 22: River in the Graven valley feeding into the head of the lake ;Image 23: The head of Krumme Langsø The Greenland ice cap is just visible on the tops of the mountains in the background;Image 24: A dunlin There was a wee pond just outside our tent and every evening a dozen or so dunlins came down to feed;Image 25: Dryas octopetla ;Image 26: Looking east down Krumme Langsø ;Image 27: A lemming ;Image 28: Looking up the lake to camp 2 The river was dark red due to large amount of red sediment carried down from the Tagbjergen hills;Image 29: Looking up Krumme Langsø from the red river ;Image 30: The southern slopes of Sørggen ;Image 31: Moss campion (Silene acaulis) ;Image 32: The head of Promenadedal - classic glacial outwash deposits ;Image 33: Saxifraga cernua ;Image 34: View east down Promenadedal towards the Wordie Glacier ;Image 35: Vibekes Glacier from Tagbjergen ;Image 36: The Waltershausen Glacier from the air ;Image 37: Purple saxifrage (Saxifraga oppositifolia) ;Image 38: Looking over to Vibekes Glacier with the remnants of the Tagbjergen ice cap in the foreground ;Image 39: Tufted Sax (Saxifraga cespitosa) ;Image 40: Looking up towards Krumme Langsø from the gorge ;Image 41: A musk ox bull ;Image 42: A path along the lake side - created not by people, but by musk ox ;Image 43: Mountain bistort (Persicaria vivipara) ;Image 44: Sundogs over Hjørnejerget ;Image 45: Yellow saxifrage (Saxifraga aizoides) ;Image 46: The Sirius hut Surrounded by our tents - waiting to be picked up for our homeward journey.;Image 47: The landing strip at Krumme Langsø The Twin Otter coming in to land to take us home.;Image 48: Constable Point air strip This air strip has superseded the air strip at Mesters Vig as the main East Greenland air hub. We stopped off here to change planes before heading back to Iceland.