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Twin Otter Sirius camp Fliglies Fjord Snowy owl Lemming Easter Island Rock Lake lake Bastion Bught river
Bastion Bught camp Bastion Bught Ptarmigan Fliglies Fjord Tundra Columnar basalt Arctic hare Magnet Mt
Magnet Mt & Ullas Ø Long tailed skua Fog bow Sunset Inuit tent ring Matterhorn Musk ox Rifle practice
Polar bear Rog on Mt Tango Mt Tango Gyr falcon Boat trip Sunset Post Office The group
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May 2005
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Image 1: The Twin Otter on the Kuhn Ø air strip ;Image 2: The first camp site at the Sirius hut ;Image 3: The view north from Sirius camp up Fliglies Fjord ;Image 4: Snowy owl Just north of Sirius camp two pairs of snowy owls where nesting. It was a lemming boom year so the owls where taking advantage.;Image 5: A lemming They where having a good year, providing plenty of food for the snowy owls and gyr falcons;Image 6: A rock we named Easter Island rock for obvious reasons;Image 7: Most of the features on the island didn't have name... ...so we named them. This one was called Lake Lake.;Image 8: The river heading down to bastion Bught ;Image 9: Our camp at Bastion Bught It was very wet, a depression blew over and that night we were kept awake by a force 8 gale. Luckily my tent withstood the elements.;Image 10: Bastion Bught - after the storm ;Image 11: A ptarmigan Starting to moult into its winter plumage;Image 12: Iceberg on Fliglies Fjord ;Image 13: The typical landscape of the island Flora rich tundra (which Dad is examining). The mountain at in the background is Boneheid. Named after a similar shaped hill in the Selkirkshire.;Image 14: Boneheid is shaped due to a cap of columnar basalt The reddish tinge to this photo is due to the low sun angle, we climbed Boneheid in the wee small hours and reached the top at sunrise - or at least when the sun started climbing again.;Image 15: An Arctic hare More food for the owls and foxes;Image 16: Magnet Mt So named as it always seemed to creep into camera's view finder.;Image 17: Magnet Mt and Ullas Ø at the north end of Fliglies Fjord ;Image 18: A long tailed skua ;Image 19: A fog bow Similar to a rain bow but because the water droplets are too small to completely refract the sunlight it the colours are diffuse and indistinct.;Image 20: The sunset over Fliglies Fjord As we were there in late August the sun began to dip behind the hills on the horizon at night, so we got to see some spectacular sunsets;Image 21: An Inuit tent ring Evidence of an old Inuit hunting camp;Image 22: A big mountain on the mainland to the North Which we named the Matterhorn;Image 23: A large family ground of musk ox ;Image 24: Some rifle practice In case we were disturbed by a polar bear;Image 25: A polar bear It's that yellowy white blob on the shore line. Quite near enough, thank you!;Image 26: Rog on the summit of Mt Tango looking over to Magnet Mt ;Image 27: Summit ridge on Mt Tango ;Image 28: A gyr falcon Tere was a pair nesting on the island;Image 29: A small inflatable Which was meant to transport us over the fjord. But most of the group boycotted it - well, look at it - you would have too!;Image 30: A sunset over Magnet Mt. ;Image 31: The Greenland Post Office logo On a post box at Constable Point.;Image 32: Group photograph