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Constable Point airstrip Piper Sodal Liverpool Land Clouds Kalkdal camp Casiope Kalkdal
Kalkdal Kalkdal glacier Alpine catchfly Kalkdal and Hurry Inlet Fox cub Fireweed Dwarf fireweed Ryders Elv
River crossing Sky Lapland lousewort Gentian Ugleelv Flaming lousewort Moss campion Gaselv
Harebell Arctic hare Purple saxifrage Arctic sunflower Hairy lousewort Buttercup Diminishing sun Me
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May 2005
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Image 1: Coming into land at the Constable Point air strip ;Image 2: Arriving at Constable Point. ;Image 3: Looking up to the head of Sodal ;Image 4: A view over towards Sodal and the peaks of Liverpool Land ;Image 5: Skyscape over Hurry ;Image 6: Dad outside our tent at the Kalkdal camp ;Image 7: Casiope (Casiope hypnoides) This plant covered large areas of the tundra. When you stood on it, it released a wonderful spicy aroma.;Image 8: Kalkdal ;Image 9: View up Kalkdal looking towards the glacier ;Image 10: The glacier at the head of Kalkdal Not a very interesting photograph, but this was the first glacier I've ever seen - or touched.;Image 11: Alpine Catchfly (Lychnis alpina) ;Image 12: A view over Hurry Inlet looking into Kalkdal ;Image 13: A curious Arctic fox cub It saw me and came toward me, after it got within 15 feet it turned tail and ran away.;Image 14: Banks of fireweed in Ryders Elv ;Image 15: Dwarf fireweed (Epilobium latifolium) ;Image 16: Ryders Elv at the head of Hurry Inlet ;Image 17: Crossing the Ryders Elv river The water never got above our knees, but it did take an hour our so to negotiate all the river braids. Our feet were very chilled by the end of it.;Image 18: Clouds over Jameson Land ;Image 19: Lapland lousewort (Pedicularis lapponica) ;Image 20: Gentiana tenella ;Image 21: The lush greenery of Ugleelv in Jameson Land A big contrast to the rugged terrain of Liverpool Land on the east side of Hurry Inlet;Image 22: Flaming lousewort (Pedicularis flammea) ;Image 23: Moss campion (Silene acaulis) ;Image 24: Gaselv, another lush valley in Jameson Land ;Image 25: Harebell (Campanula giesekiana) ;Image 26: An Arctic hare ;Image 27: Purple saxifrage (Saxifraga oppositifolia) ;Image 28: Arctic sunflower (Arnica alpina) ;Image 29: Hairy lousewort (Pedicularis hirsuta) ;Image 30: Arctic buttercup ;Image 31: The sun in (very) late evening over Jameson Land ;Image 32: A self portrait Just in here to make up the numbers. I was 16 at the time, so it's just as well you can't really see me