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Gharr Dalam caves Gharr Dalam caves Hagar Qim Hagar Qim Hagar Qim Mnajdra temple Mnajdra temple Mnajdra temple
Mnajdra temple Tarxian temple St Thomas' Tower Grand Palace Knights' Monument Valletta Grand Harbour Mosta Church Mosta dome
Mosta dome The Blue Grotto Maltese countryside St Julians The Grand Harbour Marsaxlokk harbour Marsaxlokk harbour Marsaxlokk market
Comino Victoria walled city Weathering Azure Window The Inland Sea Washing Basins Maltese buses Salt pans
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May 2005
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Image 1: Gharr Dalam caves (pronounced Ar Dalam) Thousands of prehistoric bones were excavated. A shingle bed of a river trapped animals as the crossed including hippos, deer, bears, pygmy elephants etc. The shingle and bones were carried into the cave system the river eroded into the limestone.;Image 2: Me at the entrance to the main Gharr Dalam cave Amongst the bones where those belonging to a giant dormouse!;Image 3: The Hagar Qim temple Constructed about 5000 years ago during the Copper Age.;Image 4: The entrance to the Hagar Qim temple Constructed with globegerina limestone.;Image 5: One of the huge slabs of limestone used to construct the Hagar Qim temple Now extensively weathered after 5000 years;Image 6: The Mnajdra temple Older than Hagar Qim, and constructed with harder wearing and rougher coralline limestone.;Image 7: The entrance to the Mnajdra temple. ;Image 8: One of the inner altars of the Mnajdra temple The slabs are decorated with lots of small pits.;Image 9: One of the 17th century watch towers They are dotted around the coast, viewed from the Mnajdra temple.;Image 10: Legs of a fertility statue in the Tarxian temple About 5000 years old.;Image 11: St Thomas' Tower Built by the Knights of St John, who came to Malta after being ousted from Jerusalem and Rhodes. This was many forts built by the knights to protect the Maltese people from attack by the Turks. This was our view from our hotel window in Marsaskala.;Image 12: The interior of the Grand Palace in Valletta Built by Knights of Malta.;Image 13: A monument to the Knights of Malta in Valletta Overlooking the Grand Harbour.;Image 14: The defences in the Grand Harbour in Valletta A chain across the harbour entrance stopped the Turkish incursion into the harbour during the Great Siege of 1565.;Image 15: The church at Mosta ;Image 16: The Mosta dome One of the largest free standing domes in world. Almost as big as the Pantheon in Rome.;Image 17: The Mosta dome ;Image 18: The Blue Grotto - a natural arch ;Image 19: Maltese countryside, taken from the Mdina battlements it's more green than usual, seeing as it's winter.;Image 20: St Julian the coastline of modern Malta;Image 21: The Grand Harbour in Valletta ;Image 22: Marsaxlokk harbour The brightly coloured fishing boats, called luzzi boats, all have eyes painted on their prow to ward of evil spirits.;Image 23: Marsaxlokk harbour ;Image 24: The fish market at Marsaxlokk We had some of the freshest fish and chips we've ever had here...;Image 25: A watch tower on Comino The small island between Malta and Gozo.;Image 26: The inside of the old walled city in Victoria Now mostly ruined.;Image 27: Look - weathered limestone! In the old walled city of Victoria.;Image 28: The Azure window on Gozo. Not very Azure in November!;Image 29: The Inland Sea on Gozo. A cove fed by a natural tunnel.;Image 30: Anne doing some washing In the old communal washing basins in Victoria, Gozo.;Image 31: Maltese buses The really old ones are no longer on the road as the introduced an MOT a few years back!;Image 32: Salt pans cut into the foreshore Many are still used today...