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2018 - Zimbabwe: Gonarezhou ·
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Baobab Sunset Kudu Elephants European roller
Wildebeest Elephant Rashida Bishop bird Chivilila Falls
Runde River Weavers Runde River Elephants Runde River
Elephants Chilojo Cliffs Chilojo Cliffs Chilojo Cliffs Chilojo Cliffs
Great Zimbabwe Great Zimbabwe Great Zimbabwe Aloes Great Enclosure
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May 2018
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Image 1: Baobab by the Runde River ;Image 2: Sunset over the Runde River ;Image 3: Female kudu ;Image 4: Elephants in the Runde River ;Image 5: European Roller ;Image 6: Wildebeest ;Image 7: Elephant ;Image 8: Rashida by the Chivilila Falls on the Runde River ;Image 9: Bishop Bird ;Image 10: Chivilila Falls ;Image 11: Runde River plain ;Image 12: A Steppe Buzzard (juv.) raiding a Southern Masked Weaver nest ;Image 13: Runde River ;Image 14: Elephants ;Image 15: Runde River ;Image 16: Elephants ;Image 17: Chilojo Cliffs ;Image 18: Chilojo Cliffs ;Image 19: Chilojo Cliffs ;Image 20: Chilojo Cliffs ;Image 21: Great Zimbabwe ;Image 22: The Great Enclosure, Great Zimbabwe ;Image 23: Entrance to the hilltop fort, Great Zimbabwe ;Image 24: Giant aloes Do they remind anyone else of the walking cacti in Rango?;Image 25: The walls of the Great Enclosure