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2013 - South Africa: Limpopo & Mpumalanga ·
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Gods Window Gods Window Plants Three Rondavels Pots Potholes Potholes
Stack Tree ferns Fig Impala Elephant Eagle Spider
Giraffe Bird Buffalo Elephant Elephant Tropics Zebra
Impala Wildebeest Waterbuck Guineafowl Kudu Stork Oxpecker
Kudu Waterbuck Snake Bird Tea Tea Falls
Roadside Jock Falls Falls Falls Bee eater Butterfly
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Dec 2013
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Image 1: God's Window, Graskop ;Image 2: Wonder View, Graskop Would have been more Wondrous if all the forests you see weren't plantations;Image 3: Rainforest plants by Wonder View ;Image 4: Three Rondavels, Blyde River ;Image 5: Pots for sale in Limpopo ;Image 6: Bourke's Luck Potholes ;Image 7: Bourke's Luck Potholes ;Image 8: The Pinnacle, Graskop ;Image 9: Waterfall by the Pinnacle ;Image 10: Rock fig ;Image 11: Impala ;Image 12: Elephant ;Image 13: African Fish Eagle ;Image 14: Golden orb spider This thing was about the size of my hand span. But it's harmless… Apparently;Image 15: Giraffe ;Image 16: Swainson's spurfowl ;Image 17: Buffalo ;Image 18: Elephant ;Image 19: Baby elephant ;Image 20: Tropic of Capricorn ;Image 21: Zebra ;Image 22: Impala ;Image 23: Wildebeest ;Image 24: Waterbuck ;Image 25: Guineafowl ;Image 26: Kudu ;Image 27: Marabou stork ;Image 28: Oxpecker on a impala ;Image 29: Kudu ;Image 30: Waterbuck group ;Image 31: Puff adder An ornery beast which accounts for more bites in Southern Africa than all other snakes simply because it doesn't run away when encountered;Image 32: A Thick-knee AKA Dikkop or Stone Curlew;Image 33: Tea plantation ;Image 34: Tea plantation ;Image 35: Mac Mac Falls, Graskop ;Image 36: Roadside seller by the Mac Mac falls I don't often take pictures of people, but here's a rare example;Image 37: Jock of the Bushveld memorial A childhood memory reawakened;Image 38: Bridal Veil Falls Note the lovely bedding planes in the sandstone;Image 39: Bridal Veil Falls ;Image 40: Bridal Veil Falls ;Image 41: European Bee-eater ;Image 42: Swallowtail butterfly