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2013 - South Africa: Cape Point ·
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Scarborough beach Scarborough beach Scarborough beach Scarborough beach Scarborough beach Boulders Beach
Penguin Penguin Olifantbos Beach Olifantbos Beach Ibis Penguin
Penguin Penguin Protea Cape Point Buffles Bay Cape of Good Hope
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December 2013
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Image 1: Little Beach, Scarborough ;Image 2: Waves Little Beach, Scarborough;Image 3: Little Beach, Scarborough ;Image 4: Waves Little Beach, Scarborough;Image 5: Sunset over Big Beach, Scarborough ;Image 6: African penguins on Boulders Beach ;Image 7: African penguin Also known as a Jackass penguin due to its donkey-like braying call;Image 8: African penguins ;Image 9: Olifantbos, Cape Point ;Image 10: Olifantbos, Cape Point ;Image 11: Sacred Ibis, Olifantbos ;Image 12: African penguin ;Image 13: African penguin ;Image 14: African penguins ;Image 15: Yellow Pincushion Protea ;Image 16: Cape Point ;Image 17: Buffles Bay, Cape Point ;Image 18: Cape of Good Hope and Dias Beach